消费者在购买Quest 2时应保证自己的Facebook账号正常

映维网 2020年10月16日)Facebook AR/VR业务负责人安德鲁·博斯沃思(Andrew Bosworth)日前通过Instagram与网友进行了视频问答互动,并回应了不少用户因Facebook账号被封而无法登录Quest 2的问题。据了解,不少被封账号是触发了Facebook的自动审查系统导致。

Quest 2要求用户使用Facebook账号登录设备。你可以使用一个已有的Facebook账号或创建一个全新的Facebook账号,而原本拥有Oculus账号的用户则需要将其与一个Facebook账号合并。

设备于10月14日正式开始发货,但不久后就有用户通过Reddit和Twitter等平台发帖,表示在设置头显时自己的账号因未知原因被封禁。对于这个问题,Facebook的AR/VR负责人表示消费者在购买Quest 2时应保证自己的Facebook账号正常。





但解封可能不一定很顺利,根据Facebook账号被封的网友Bobby Bridgeman的分享,Oculus客服团队也无权访问到Facebook账号被封的信息,如果你真的违反Facebook的规则且不能被解封,可能会失去你已经购买了的Oculus VR App的访问权限。


Facebook account blocked for no known reason my end, other than I don’t post anything on it , not a reason for a ban I don’t think? Anyway, Contacted oculus, they basically said if it doesn’t get unlocked, take it up with Facebook. When asked if I would lose access to all my paid apps, they said probably. Your thoughts? Is this actually legal?

Chat Transcript with Bobby Chat started on 15 Oct 2020, 09:26 PM (GMT+0)

(09:26:32) *** Bobby joined the chat ***

(09:26:32) Bobby: Hi, my Facebook account has been blocked and now I can’t get on Oculus?!

(09:26:38) *** Kyle joined the chat ***

(09:26:57) Kyle: Hey Bobby, thanks for chatting in to Oculus Support.

(09:27:38) Bobby: I don’t know why it even got blocked.

(09:27:55) Kyle: I have some questions to clarify exactly what’s going on. Did this happen when you were linking it to your device, or to your Oculus e-mail?

(09:28:23) Bobby: No, it happened randomly

(09:28:37) Kyle: Is it linked to an Oculus account?

(09:28:45) Bobby: Yes

(09:28:59) Kyle: Are you getting any error message?

(09:29:35) Kyle: How are you trying to access your Facebook?

(09:29:36) Bobby: Yes. When I go to log in, it says my account is blocked

(09:30:19) Kyle: Can I get your full name, please?

(09:30:20) Bobby: I submitted a photo of myself but now it just says…

(09:30:24) Bobby: We received your information If we still find that your account didn’t follow our Community Standards, it will remain disabled. We’re always looking out for the security of people on Facebook, so until then you can’t use your account.

(09:30:37) Bobby: Yes it’s Bobby *******

(09:31:07) Kyle: And what is the e-mail associated with your Facebook account?

(09:31:18) Bobby: my original oculus username was “****

(09:31:32) Bobby: My FB email is *******

(09:32:19) Kyle: Do you have an alternate e-mail address that is not linked to a Facebook account?

(09:32:43) Bobby: Yes, ******

(09:34:03) Kyle: Which Oculus device(s) do you have, or are trying to activate?

(09:34:50) Bobby: I have a q1 and a q2. At the moment I’m just trying to log into the oculus android app

(09:35:22) Kyle: Alright. Have you been able to successfully activate the Quest 2?

(09:35:33) Bobby: Yes

(09:36:00) Bobby: That’s when I merged my account on the 13th

(09:36:00) Kyle: Alright. Can I get the serial number of the Quest 2?

(09:36:10) Bobby: Yes

(09:37:17) Bobby: Visitor uploaded: 160279781679350828.jpg

(09:38:07) Bobby: Here’s the message I am getting…

(09:38:19) Bobby: Visitor uploaded: Screenshot_202.jpg

(09:38:39) Kyle: Alright

(09:38:49) Kyle: Also, that first picture is not the serial number of the device.

(09:39:16) Bobby: Visitor uploaded: 1602797933871.jpg

(09:39:26) Bobby: Is it any of those

(09:39:54) Kyle: No. It will be on the device itself and start with “1WMH”

(09:40:14) Bobby: Umm where?

(09:41:05) Kyle: On the right side of your headset, gently pull the strap back away from the strap arm until it pops off. Your headset serial number will be on the inside of the strap arm.

(09:42:33) Bobby: Visitor uploaded: 160.jpg

(09:43:18) Kyle: There we go

(09:44:59) Kyle: Alright, I have taken that Serial Number and escalated it along with the rest of the information to see if we can get that account unlocked.

(09:45:34) Bobby: Ok

(09:45:37) Kyle: Please give us about 36-48 hours for us to review this.

(09:46:12) Bobby: Do you know why it keeps locking? This is the third time.

(09:46:32) Bobby: Also can I still use my headset?

(09:46:39) Kyle: We do not have information on why accounts get blocked

(09:46:58) Kyle: You can try, if it does not work, then you will have to wait for the review process to finish.

(09:47:56) Bobby: Ok. And if it doesn’t work, what compensation do I get for not being able to use my device and games that I have purchased?

(09:48:18) Bobby: 48h is a long down time

(09:49:51) Bobby: As I have spent a lot of money with oculus, two headsets and a bunch of games.

(09:49:59) Kyle: We are unable to offer compensation. I understand 48 hours is a long time, but this does require review.

(09:50:10) Bobby: Well over £1000

(09:50:23) Bobby: That’s not fair though.

(09:50:38) Bobby: What if it keeps happening?

(09:51:00) Bobby: That’s a lot of downtime.

(09:51:29) Kyle: Then it might be an issue on Facebook’s end, and it would be better to reach out to them directly via the Help Center.

(09:52:05) Bobby: What do you mean?

(09:52:12) Bobby: Oculus is Facebook

(09:52:33) Kyle: No. Oculus is owned by Facebook, but they are separate companies.

(09:52:39) Kyle: That’s like saying Youtube is Google.

(09:52:52) Bobby: Umm no

(09:52:58) Kyle: Google owns Youtube.

(09:53:11) Bobby: Facebook is now required for oculus

(09:53:16) Kyle: Is there anything else I can help you out with tonight?

(09:53:28) Bobby: The account is held by Facebook.

(09:53:38) Kyle: YEs, as such it is a Facebook account issue.

(09:53:40) Kyle: Yes*

(09:53:53) Bobby: Sorry I don’t get it.

(09:54:09) Bobby: So my purchase is with oculus or Facebook?

(09:54:44) Bobby: And if it’s with oculus, how can Facebook ban me from using something I purchased from another company?

(09:54:55) Bobby: That makes no sense

(09:55:32) Kyle: It’s not Oculus levying the ban/block. The Facebook account is required to use the Oculus device, but they are still two separate companies.

(09:56:21) Kyle: As you said earlier, this seems to be as a result of something you posted on your Facebook account.

(09:56:32) Bobby: I haven’t posted anything

(09:56:50) Bobby: The sole reason for the Facebook account is for oculus

(09:57:24) Bobby: Let’s just say my account doesn’t get unlocked.

(09:57:49) Bobby: Does that mean I have lost all my games that I have purchased?

(09:58:19) Kyle: Let me look into that and see what I can find for that. First time I’ve heard that question asked

(09:58:42) Bobby: Ok thanks

(10:02:50) Kyle: Based on the information I have been able to find, there is a possibility you will lose access. I don’t have any definitive information in that regards.

(10:04:22) Bobby: Does that seem right to you? That my Oculus purchases would be taken away from my by another company? For something completely unrelated to Oculus or it’s eco system?

(10:05:12) Kyle: In this context, it absolutely does. If someone were to post something to violate community guidelines, then I would absolutely understand the loss of access to the apps and games.

(10:05:33) Kyle: If you didn’t post anything wrong, then there shouldn’t be an issue with getting it unlocked.

(10:05:53) Bobby: Is that not the definition of theft? Denying someone permanent access to their property?

(10:06:20) Bobby: It’s a product I have paid for. Not a free service.

(10:07:23) Bobby: I keep getting banned because I don’t post anything. Account get permanent ban. I lose everything.

(10:07:24) Kyle: It is not the definition of theft.

(10:07:33) Bobby: Yes it is.

(10:08:02) Kyle: We don’t know why your account is getting banned, we have submitted it to the team that can look into it. They should reach out if they find anything

(10:08:08) Bobby: Basic definition of theft. (1)A person is guilty of theft if he dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it; and “thief” and “steal” shall be construed accordingly

(10:08:13) Kyle: Is there anything else I can help you out with for now?

(10:08:47) Bobby: I am on anti-anxiety medication and this is giving me mega anxiety

(10:09:16) Kyle: If you haven’t done anything wrong, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

(10:09:44) Bobby: So why does it keep getting blocked?

(10:10:00) Kyle: We don’t have access to that information.\

(10:10:01) Bobby: I literally do nothing on it

(10:10:33) Bobby: Ok. You said ask Facebook. There isn’t a number to call for Facebook, only Facebook for business.

(10:10:48) Bobby: Do you have any contact details please?

(10:10:51) Kyle: Your best bet is through the Facebook Help Center.

(10:11:14) Bobby: No it’s not. That’s not support.

(10:11:54) Bobby: I have some that before and got a reply of ‘we are too busy to deal with your request’ (10:12:03) Bobby: *done

(10:12:26) Bobby: Is there no direct was to contact your parent company?

(10:12:41) Kyle: Just through the Facebook help section.

(10:12:56) Kyle: We don’t have a phone number or way to contact them outside of that.

(10:14:44) Bobby: Ok thanks for your help. Please send me a transcript of this chat as I will be seeking legal advice should the account not be unlocked.

(10:15:05) Kyle: There is an option that you can select to have the chat transcript e-mailed to you

(10:15:09) Bobby: And please understand that my frustrations are not with you. You are just doing your job.

(10:16:09) Kyle: I completely understand your issues are not personally with me, don’t worry about that.

(10:16:24) Kyle: I appreciate you confirming that, however.

(10:16:33) Bobby: Ok. Goodnight Kyle. Thanks for your help.

(10:16:47) Kyle: You’re welcome. Have a good night, Bobby.

(10:16:57) *** Bobby left the chat ***

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