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Why prevent snoring?

Because Henan Kangdi Medical Devices Co., Ltd. specializes in the health industry, it is very concerned about various health problems Kongdi specializes in the production of anti snoring nasal strips to prevent nasal sticking, so for the prevention of snoring research. For snoring everyone to come up with some methods.
Snoring and apnea syndrome can cause serious consequences, including systemic multiple systems, affecting people's health. Polysomnography is the primary means of detecting and diagnosing snoring. Treatment should be based on the specific circumstances of the patient to choose a different treatment.
In addition to hospital treatment, in daily life can take the following measures to reduce the symptoms of snoring:
1, to sleep to take the lateral position, to change the habit of supine sleep;
2, try not to drink before going to bed, do not drink tea, coffee, do not take certain drugs, because alcohol, sedatives, sleeping pills and anti-allergy drugs will make the breathing becomes shallow and slow, and the muscles more relaxed than usual, resulting in Pharyngeal soft tissue is more likely to block the airway;
3, develop the habit of regular exercise, reduce weight and enhance lung function.
4, use nasal stickers to help sleep, prevent snoring. Because only to maintain the patency of the nasal cavity, can reduce snoring
5, stop smoking, smoking, stimulation of the nasal mucosa will only make the already blocked nose and respiratory tract worse. In addition, snorers should also prevent colds and timely treatment of nasal obstruction disease.
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