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What conditions can not use nasal strips?

People in the cold, the body's resistance will decline, if the chaos use nasal strips also prone to allergic reactions, thereby aggravating the symptoms, if the nose is caused by allergies, ventilation, it can not easily use the nasal strips, because such patients themselves belong Easily allergic constitution, if the nose around the skin with nasal strips, the greater the chance of allergies.
Whether it is a cold or allergy caused by the nose is not ventilated, runny nose,nasal strips role is not large.
No ventilation of the nose is usually caused by severe nasal mucosal swelling. Because there are a large number of blood vessels in the nose, blood vessels in the bacterial virus or allergen stimulation after expansion, which is caused by nasal congestion and swelling of the main reasons.
Nose strips treatment belongs to physical therapy, across the skin and muscle tissue, are unable to directly affect the nasal cavity, nasal ventilation caused by a cold for a timely effect is not obvious, and basically can not alleviate the role of symptoms.
Kongdy nasal strips manufacturer reminded everyone: because of cold caused by nasal congestion is not ventilated, it is not recommended to use nasal strips.

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