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Pregnant women can use ventilation nose strips it?

Many pregnant mothers during the pregnancy will be some physical discomfort, and the nose is not ventilated is a common physical discomfort, the nose is not ventilated, pregnant women will sleep bad at night, leading to the spirit of the day, resulting in a vicious circle, so Pregnant women do not breathe the nose to find ways to solve fastly. So pregnant women nose is not ventilated how to do? Professional nose paste  wholesaler KongDi for everyone to explain this issue, recommend a few ways, I hope for everyone to help.
1, take a piece of fresh orange peel, the peel aligned nostril hard squeeze, so that the extruded peel juice directly into the nasal mucosa, the nose will soon be ventilated.
2, buy a bottle of vitamin C, the vitamin C pills, crushed into powder, and then the powder inhaled a small amount to the nasal cavity, the nose will soon be ventilated.
3, when the nose is not ventilated, the left side of the nose is not breathe to lie to the right, the right side of the nose is not ventilated to the left lie, pressing both sides of the nose with your fingers Yin Xiang, can effectively alleviate the nose is not ventilated It's
4, the use of nasal ventilation paste, as pregnant women during pregnancy can not be free medication, so you can use topical breathe  nasal strips to ease the symptoms.
Any symptoms during pregnancy can not easily take medicine, Kangdi nose strips manufacturers introduced these methods are helpful to help pregnant women to alleviate the symptoms of nose is not ventilated.

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