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Top Better breath nasal strip and excellent service

If you are a dealer, what would you choose what kind of supplier?Who have worked for a few years the foreign trade salesman, he knows the needs of customers, can be said in a customer's idea, and for a successful sales team, not just by the salesman's strength, products strength is also cannot be ignored, Kongdy has experienced service quality not only salesman, more important is that we have high quality of products, production of power to be reckoned with, dealers' what are you waiting for?Below to introduce a popular better breathe nasal strips products, widely used, easy to use, cheap, become the necessities of many families.

Our better breathe nasal strips have two size: 5.5*1.6cm and 6.6*1.9cm.These two kinds are all popular among our customers. They have very good effect.

According to the survey results show that ventilation nasal strips can open the nasal cavity and respiratory tract, instantly reduce the nasal airflow resistance, improve air flow to expand the nasal cavity channel effect. In addition, you can also improve the nasal ventilation, thereby enhancing breathing, temporarily relieved by the cold, rhinitis, allergies, nasal septum deviation caused by nasal congestion, nasal congestion, so that breathing more smoothly. In addition can also improve the nasal obstruction caused by sleep disorders, and reduce or alleviate the phenomenon of snoring. It seems that better breathe nasal strips are useful.

So how do you know how to use this breathable nasal strips? First clean the oil and remove the surface of the nose. And then tear off the protective sticker from the middle, gently press until it sticks. Finally, to peel off when the action to slow the force, which is to avoid pulling the skin.

Choose Henan Kangdi Medical Device Co.,Ltd, in your better breath nasal strips sales have half the success, the quality of our products you can rest assured.

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