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Customize nasal strips for removing blackheads

Nasal strips have good effect to remove blackheads. Our regular nasal strips size is 6.6*1.9cm and 5.5*1.6cm. We can also customize nasal strips for customers.

The instructions are as follows:
1. Before using the nasal strips, you’d better make facial cleansing, conditional with hot water on the face can be steamed face, which is conducive to open the pores of the face can also soften the facial horny, more conducive to Facial cleansing and toxins are discharged.
2. Generally nasal strips are directly in the steamed surface paste, do not have to dry face, so that the nasal strips can be better fit with the skin. If the nasal strips cannot stick strongly, you can use wet cotton stained with a small amount of make-up water patting nasal strips.
3. Tear off the nasal strips must be pulled from the bottom up, but also quickly, so remove the blackhead will achieve the best results. Finally wash your face with warm water.

There are also some precautions when using the nasal strips.
1. Although the nasal strips is the best way to remove blackheads, the use should also pay attention to, if the face swelling, inflammation and broken skin, must not use the nasal strips, improper use will make the skin inflammation, and even break the acne.
2. Nasal strips is not suitable for every one, especially the skin is thin or sensitive skin can not be used.
3. Using 2 times a week, every time 15 minutes.

After use the nasal strips to remove the blackheads, to do a good job of skin care, in order to achieve the best way to paste the black nose. With a cotton pad dipped in toner and pat on the nose and face, especially after the effect of frozen is better, both care of the skin, but also to achieve the effect of pore shrinkage. If the skin is inflamed, you can use a small amount of alcohol to wipe the face. After you use the nasal strips, the nose coated with a layer of egg white, very washed, and then beat the toner can effectively prevent the pores become thick.

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